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Tooth Fairy Government

Written By: Tim Nerenz  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I call it Tooth Fairy Government: they steal your quarter, put it under their kid's pillow, and then make believe the world is 25 cents richer. If you are the child on the receiving end, you like Tooth Fairy Government. It promises to buy your car, pay your mortgage, send you to college, pay for your health care, create a green job for you, pay your pension, and bailout your business if you fail.

And Tooth Fairy Government promises to do all that without raising your taxes, increasing your debt, burning a single gram of carbon, costing a single job, creating a single percentage point of inflation, or leaving a single child behind. Your end of the bargain is to remain a child; an irresponsible, selfish, demanding, jealous child, focused solely on your own needs and desires, totally oblivious to the rights of others.

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