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Careless Love - Hookup sex culture a symbol of America

Written By: Kelly O'Connell  |  Posted: Friday, July 27th, 2012

Does it matter what people do behind closed doors? In fact, a nation's character is uniquely exposed by its sex life. For example, in ancient Rome, despite adulterous and homosexual acts being illegal between citizens-adult and pedophile activities were rampant between Roman men and their slaves. This occurred since slaves were not persons, but things (res) that could be treated however the owner chose. Obviously, such corrupt practice degraded the entire nation, helping lead to its demise. In the same manner, the US is also in grave peril from our increasingly unfettered approach to dating, procreation and family life. When even our president advocates for easy and late-term abortions for his own daughters, we realize how savage and short-term our values have become.

So how is America's character revealed in its sexual mores? The American family has endured much destruction the last few decades. For example, the NY Times recently reported half of all children born to women thirty and under are now born out-of-wedlock. This single statistic represents shocking tragedy for several reasons. First, fatherless-ness is the leading cause of US poverty. Second, millions of children are at risk for a staggering increase in crime, substance-abuse, and mental-health issues. Third, and perhaps most troubling-entire generations are being instructed by implication that fathers are nothing, and fatherhood's symbolism and authority meaningless compared to libidinal urges or the right to simply create an ad hoc family from one parent.

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