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The Trip: Three Women's Journey to the 1933 Chicago World Fair

Written By: Danielle Small  |  Posted: Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

         Most people have done it. Movies romanticize it. It is the quintessential cross country trip. The year is 1933 and the U.S. is in the worst year of the Depression, Hitler has just been appointed Chancellor of Germany and the Dust Bowl has been wreaking havoc on major parts of the U.S. With the detrimental state of current worldwide affairs the world is desperate for hope and progress.

         The Chicago World Fair of 1933, aptly named Century of Progress, is timely as it focuses on the future and the manufacturing process of technology and industry instead of the stagnancy of the present. The World Fair (World's Fair or Universal Exposition) is a name given to many grand public exhibitions held internationally. They encourage cultural exchange and showcase industrial and technological innovation. Historically, they were and still are major influencers on international trade, design education and tourism. World Fairs are the Olympics of expositions.

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