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Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Written By: Dr. Group  |  Posted: Thursday, June 16th, 2011

              While we should always try to avoid getting a sunburn, at times the power of the sun can sneak up unexpectedly on our skin. From redness, irritation, peeling, pain, swelling, to unsightly blisters, sunburns can last from three to seven days, and can be highly uncomfortable. When we get a sunburn, what we are actually suffering from is an acute inflammation of the skin cells, caused by the powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

               Many people are unaware that the chemicals they put on their skin can cause sun exposure to produce inflammation of the skin as well. This is particularly true in the case of products which are full of chemicals, such as perfumes, facial creams, chemical deodorants, etc. When sunburn does occur, nature offers us many cooling, soothing remedies to take the sting and bite out of a red sunburn.

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