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The Importance of the Great Outdoors

Written By: OffTheGridNews.com  |  Posted: Thursday, July 26th, 2012


            When I was a child, it was normal for me to get home from school and simply drop my schoolbag and go outside to play for "a while" (time stretches at that age, so one hour can seem to be three, and the summers lasted for about ten years and were always sunny) before being called back for dinner. I would run off to play in "the trees," our local area of grass and tree land. My house backed onto farmland accessible by a bridle path (and the horses would still occasionally bear down on unsuspecting walkers, to our childish delight). My family worked for a local landowner, so it was not unusual for me to create adventures in unused cowsheds or around decommissioned farm equipment and old barns. I was out of sight from my parents, in a world of my own creation. I was surrounded by nature and in the fresh air and sunshine.

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