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Christ - The "Ultimate Liberator"

Written By: Becky Yeh  |  Posted: Saturday, September 24th, 2011

             One historian says the country must return to its Christian and biblical foundation in order to re-experience liberty.

            Dr. Marshall Foster, president and founder of the World History Institute, believes Americans have forgotten that liberty is experienced only in Christ. He told listeners at a recent tele-training conference hosted by that when the Founding Fathers started the nation, they knew that the "ultimate liberator is Christ."
            He says Americans have forgotten the principles of the Declaration of Independence outlined by the saying, "Laws of nature and nature's God." Dr. Foster further argues that Christianity is the "foundation of civil liberty," and unalienable rights are given to men by God, not the state.
            "We have allowed secular humanism to dominate the 20th century, destroy much of our constitutional liberty, and allowed the courts to become literally an oligarchy of tyrants dictating their worldview," he laments. "We have allowed the presidency to, through executive order, take over, and we've allowed the Congress to basically become a group of men and women who do not fulfill their responsibilities, certainly to obey the laws that [were] set up in the Constitution. So, in light of all that, how can there ever be a restoration of this nation?"
            The Christian historian suggests the remedy for the United States is to return to the country's Christian foundation. And, as the Founding Fathers realized, the method to secure liberty is to "have a constitutional republic under God's law."
            "We still have the greatest Christian freedom documents, and they're there for us to see, and they're still on the books -- the Declaration and the Constitution," Foster notes. "So we should not be discouraged by the format in which we live. We live under a tremendous format, and there are so many we can do within this system without having to even overthrow it because it's so well structured."
            But he concludes that God's law cannot apply to civil authority unless individuals are first governed by Christ.

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