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Federal CDC Helping Recruit Kids into Homosexuality

Written By: Dave Bohon  |  Posted: Saturday, August 27th, 2011

            The leading homosexual activist group targeting children is receiving some special help from the federal government in its campaign to recruit in America's schools. The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) announced in a press release earlier this summer that it has received a five-year grant, worth $285,000 annually, from the federal Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) AIDS prevention department to establish "safe spaces" for supposedly "gay" students in 20 schools across the nation.

            According to GLSEN, the focus of the program will be to "increase the percentage of schools that identify and maintain 'safe spaces' for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth." Over the next five years, the group said, it will partner with the specially selected schools "to implement a comprehensive evidence-based program to help keep LBGT students safe and healthy."
            Eliza Byard, GLSEN's director, said it is "abundantly clear that LGBT youths' experience of bias and violence at school contributes to significant threats to their health, academic success and psychological well-being." She said that the CDC "is taking a critical step to ensure safe and healthy schools for LGBT youth and a stronger foundation for their future by supporting the creation of truly safe spaces where they can receive support from administrators, teachers, or other school staff. Such spaces are vital to these students' health, success in school and life prospects."
            Among the initiatives set up by the CDC/GLSEN partnership will be a massive study of "local- and state-level anti-harassment and LGBT health promotion policies and the development of a network of educational and community-based organizations equipped and trained to support the health and well-being of LGBT students," explained the homosexual group. GLSEN hopes that by the end of the five-year plan, it will have reached a total of 14,500 school personnel and four million students with the message of tolerance for unfettered homosexual activity.
            What, exactly, will all this mean to students in these targeted schools? Linda Harvey of Mission America, a pro-family organization that monitors the efforts of homosexual activists, explained in an op-ed for World Net Daily that a "safe space," as envisioned by GLSEN, "is a classroom, counseling office, or club area where homosexuality is always given a flashing green light." It is in these "safe" areas that students are assured that "homosexual, bisexual and cross-dressing behaviors are good and wonderful things," continued Harvey, "and that anyone who says otherwise is a person who probably 'hates' them and poses a threat to their safety."
            Thus, according to the GLSEN/CDC model, our children are "safe" if they are "prevented from hearing traditional sexual morality and accurate information about the risks and downsides of homosexuality," continued Harvey. "They are also 'safe' if they never learn about the well-documented option of leaving same-sex attractions and behavior behind." Perhaps most significantly, noted Harvey, is the absence in these "safe space" of any traditional spiritual counsel, such as scriptural teaching, "which is the biggest danger of all!"

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