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The Shotgun and Home Defense

Written By: OffTheGridNews.com  |  Posted: Monday, September 13th, 2010

There is ample reason why military forces continue to include shotguns in their active arsenals and sport hunters use them for particular game. While a rifle or a pistol has an advantage in regards to accuracy, in terms of self defense, there may not be sufficient time, lighting or other factors that would allow for a quick, accurate aim. In this respect, shotguns offer their own unique advantages. Multiple projectiles from one shot will have awesome stopping power. In the hands of a trained user, a shotgun may indeed be an appropriate weapon. Because there are so many options available in shotgun selection, we will discuss how to decide the right weapon for self defense.

Among the first considerations is the selection of the proper gauge. To better understand this option, shotguns are classified by size or gauge-the lower the gauge, the wider the barrel. Most popular (and rightly so for this purpose) would be a 12 gauge. Because of its popularity, the 12 gauge offers a wider variety of shell options.

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