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State Oppresses Property Owner Over Birds

Written By: Editor  |  Posted: Thursday, June 7th, 2012

            According to various local news sources, the DNR has halted the construction of an overflow pond near the new Mega Foods grocery store being built near Hwy 93 and I-94.  A resident reported that there are several swallow nests built into a pile of dirt that the workers set aside for the pond.  They are guessing that the birds will likely be done with the nests around mid-July.

             Regardless of whether the owners agree with this use of force, here is an example of government oppression right here locally.  The bank swallow is not rare, but that shouldn't matter.  If a person truly owns his property, then he should be able to do what he wants on his property.  For the DNR to force a person to stop what he is doing is a violation of his property rights.  This story reveals that we truly do not understand nor have property rights in Wisconsin. 

            This is one of several examples where construction was halted by the DNR due to some rare snail or flower, only this time the creature isn't even rare.  If there was a ground hog or a rat burrowing in the pile, would the construction have been halted?

 Bank Swallows on Young Rd., Fall Creek

(above) Bank Swallows are not rare.  Here are about 50 nests on Young Rd. south of Fall Creek.  Hopefully they're not nesting in a million dollars worth of silica sand.

           The second thing this story reveals is that neighbors need to stop being so nosy.  If it disturbs you to see a neighbor doing something on his own property, as long as it doesn't harm you or someone else, mind your own business.  But because someone was disturbed over the killing of some baby birds, the forceful arm of government is hindering the growth of one company's business, and the overall economy of Eau Claire.

            Third, this story reveals the rise of nature worship in this country.  Would construction have stopped fifty years ago over a bird?  Today we have exalted animals near the level of people.  Our laws used to reflect God's laws.  Now they reflect environmentalism, our new religion.

            Yet unborn babies continue to be murdered by the thousands under government protection in Wisconsin.

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