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Is Poverty Due to a Poor Education?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

                Some of you may be aware of Portugal's impending financial collapse.  It is being blamed in part on the lack of education on the of the youth of that country.  Charles Forelle writes about this in his article "A Nation of Dropouts Shake Europe" in the Wall Street Journal.   He writes "Portugal is the poorest country in Western Europe. It is also the least educated, and that has emerged as a painful liability in its gathering economic crisis."

                What he writes is true in a limited sense.  But who is at fault for this?  Therein lies the problem in my opinion.  If what he writes is true, is this an admission that the state run education system has failed?  Who all along was directing the method used to ensure young boys and girls would grow up "educated," and be able to succeed financially? Was it not the state?  Yes, for sure in this case.  So the state education system has failed, has it not?  Would this not be true also in America to some degree?  The conventional answer at best to this inquiry will be the need for more money and higher education.

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