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City Zoning Unnecessary

Written By: ECJ Editors  |  Posted: Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

                Of all the local issues that we at the Eau Claire Journal emphasize, property rights is one of the prominent.  There have been numerous examples locally of the various levels of government oppressing us for what we want to do on our own land.  There have been some examples of others trying to use the government to dictate how one should operate his own property.  But behind all of these controversies are laws and ordinances on our state and local books that allow for these injustices to happen.  An example of this are zoning laws.

                Some things, when we hear them, strike us as bizarre or unusual or "off the charts."  Of course, with the passing of time, this often changes and what was once a villain becomes a hero. A good example of this was homeschooling.  In the 1980's it was viewed with more than skepticism.  Homeschooled children were going to be ruined, social misfits and dumber than a box of rocks.  How times have changed!  From Rick Santorum to Tim Tebow, homeschoolers have the eye of much of the nation.  And by now the scores have come in, showing homeschooled children better educated on the average than those who went through public schools.  Case closed.

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