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Dane Deutsch is running for State Senator for the 25th district

Written By: Travis Buhler  |  Posted: Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Dane Deutsch, a former Air Force Officer and local business owner from Rice Lake is running for State Senator for the 25th district in northwest Wisconsin. He is a Republican and is running against Democratic incumbent Bob Jauch.
Deutsch hopes to gain the voter's support based on his leadership experience and desire to bring character and statesmanship to Madison. He has a successful business and has lead in the "Character Counts" program implemented in the Rice Lake School district.
His strong desire is for Wisconsin to regain its sense of state sovereignty. "I think the big thing that I am really trying to stress on our website and to the constituents that I am talking to is the fact that the state has to be sovereign." Deutsch believes that there is too many mandates, funded or not, from the federal government saying, "the state should be able to set it's own course, not necessarily be dictated by the federal government."
He stresses the ninth and tenth amendment's purpose in giving the States jurisdiction in what is not the federal government's role. He even saw the idea that Wisconsin could nullify the health care bill as an option. Dane is also strong on gun rights saying on his website that the purpose of the second amendment is the people's ability to defend themselves.
Deutsch is pro-life and against the funding of embryonic stem cell research. He wants to give health care workers the freedom to deny services and medicine to those seeking an abortion or birth control. He understands the importance of marriage and family on society and opposes the redefinition of marriage though when asked about the passage of a domestic partnership law in 2009 in an interview with him, he stated that he was unfamiliar with it. Of course, many in Wisconsin are unfamiliar with the state forcing counties to give homosexuals the benefits of marriage.
Coupled with his strong desire for state sovereignty is Dane Deutsch's burden for a sound budget. "The first thing is that we can't add any more programs." Deutsch stated on his website that he would like to either eliminate or reign in bureaucratic agencies and give power back to the three branches of government and to the people that elected them. He also has a goal of stopping and even paying off Wisconsin's debt, "anything that is going to add more debt to our future is unhealthy." "I think (Superior) mayor Ross has done a great job in terms of cutting up the credit cards. I don't think it's impossible [for Wisconsin to start paying off it's debt]." Deutsch acknowledges that this would take strong leadership and a unified effort. "The hard decisions are going to be doing without some things that are niceties instead of necessities and I think that is what (mayor Ross) has done up there (in Superior) and sold that to the people up there. I would like to provide the same kind of leadership to the state."
Among Dane Deutsch's weaknesses are his views on education. Though he doesn't think the federal government should have the large role that it has over the education of children, he thinks it should be used "as a tool or a catalyst to help the states (educate); not actually dictating, but acting more as a guide." This essentially is no different than what Russ Feingold said at the Eau Claire County town hall meeting last Saturday. They are only different on what should be required to be taught. It was only thirty years ago that there wasn't even a federal department of education. Parents alone should be in charge of education no matter how important to society education is. Of course most political candidates disagree, including Deutsch.
That being said, Deutsch does want to give private and home educators the freedom to make their own choices. Though he won't end the state's usurpation of parent's rights in this regard, he will fight to keep the state out of home educators' household.
Though I am sure he is not alone, it was also sad to hear him say, "I haven't read the Wisconsin Constitution yet." To his credit, he is very familiar with the U.S. Constitution, and he told me that he would read the Wisconsin Constitution and become familiar with it.
Dane does profess to be a Christian, having dedicated his life to Christ while he went to college in Superior. While serving the Air Force in Turkey he said, "I learned that Christ really does free us and that ability to say that I am a sinner and have been forgiven because of the blood of Christ and that the price that he paid for us was huge

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