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Can a Christian Not Believe the Bible?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Friday, July 27th, 2012

                That may sound like a strange inquiry for some reading the above question.  But for us growing up in the South (the Bible Belt), it was something that never crossed our minds.  If you were a Christian, you believed the Bible.  If you were not a Christian, you may still believe the Bible.  If not, you at least respected it and treated it with reverence.  True, there were those liberal "Christians" who denied the Bible.  They rejected the supernatural in it and were always trying to come up with ways to question it at best and deny it at worse.  But liberals were relegated to the class rooms of the religious department in the Universities.  They were not the everyday Joes.

                   That has all changed, I am afraid.  There has grown out of those liberal professors and schools a host of pastors who themselves do not believe the Bible.  It was "an invention of man" as one Unitarian pastor retorted in a public seminar which included myself and her.  And from these liberal ministers there has grown up in America a general populace of which seventy five percent identify as Christians, but few believe the Bible is God's Word.  If they do believe that, it is doubtful they would conclude the Bible actually has any kind of binding authority on their lives.  They simply, due to lack of interest and source of belief, do not believe the Bible yet they claim to be Christians.  They attend church regularly, baptize their babies and hold Christian funerals, yet they do not believe the Bible.

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