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Women among Heathen

Written By: T.D. Talmage  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

                Now what is the difference between the condition of women among the heathen then and the Christian today? The only difference is that which is made by the gospel of the Son of God. O, women! Today you would have been hitched to the plough, or you would have been leaping upon the funeral pyre (burning with your dead husband), or you would have been ground under the heel of man's cruelty and insolence, were it not for the fact that in this land and in this age the Lord Jesus Christ appeared, with love in his voice and omnipotence in his arm, and stood above this grave of womanhood, and said, "Come forth!" And she has come forth from the blessing of a Christian hope and faith found in Jesus Christ.

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