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Wisconsin's Cap and Axe

Written By: Jerry Gilbertson  |  Posted: Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Yes the title is correct, "Cap and Axe." The Clean Energy Jobs Act, isWisconsin's own version of Cap and Trade that Doyle is trying to push through quickly before the end of this legislative session which ends in April. Senate Bill 450 and Assembly Bill 649 is being debated as you read this article. It will "axe" about 43, 000 jobs in Wisconsin, according to the WMC (Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce). These bills are Governor Doyle's proposed sweeping global warming legislation. This legislation will also "axe" about $1000 from ev¬ery household budget in the state through higher gas prices at the pump and higher utility rates.

This bill has been dubbed the Clean Energy Jobs Act. It will nega¬tively affect everyone in the state, especially businesses and manufac¬turers. The bills propose more than a dozen new global warming policies ranging from expensive renewable energy mandates and higher monthly energy taxes, to boutique fuel stan¬dards for Wisconsin motorists and adoption of California tailpipe stan¬dards for Wisconsin automobiles. Virtually every sector of Wisconsin's economy would be directly regulated by this legislation.

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