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Is It Wise to Have a Minimum Wage?

Written By: Bill Finnigan  |  Posted: Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

            As an eleven year old boy, I had a great desire to work. My first job was delivering the Star Ledger in Newark, NJ. I fudged a bit when the boss told me the minimum age was twelve. I don't think he was overly concerned about age, especially when he witnessed my enthusiasm. I later found out that he wasn't even too interested in how much money I made, since he "bilked" me on several occasions. The money didn't seem that important because I enjoyed the privilege of having my own "business." I did make some spending money, but that was overshadowed by the entrepreneurial spirit.

            This led to "bigger" things, like shining shoes on city streets, taverns, and barber shops. In my early teens, I worked in a small grocery store, stocking shelves, sweeping floors, delivering orders, etc. I made what I was offered, without ever thinking about a "minimum wage." Even my chores on the home front had no monetary "guarantee;" it was all part of personal responsibility and gratitude for all that was provided. In fact, I have lived a life time of employment, never once demanding a certain salary.

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