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Collectivism In our Public Schools

Written By: Karen Schroeder  |  Posted: Thursday, May 31st, 2012

            Many teaching methods implemented in American classrooms discourage individual academic success. Cooperative grouping of students is a most ruinous example because it teaches children to surrender individual educational goals and support collectivism.  Sixty years of failure have not deterred college professors who continue encouraging teachers to use cooperative grouping in their classrooms. The reasons are obvious. The educational goals of those college professors are not academic. Their goals are political.

            Cooperative grouping requires the teacher to organize students into small groups. Each group is intended to be a microcosm of society by including a student from every socio-economic group and from every ability group. The teacher provides each group with a task to complete. Students are told they will receive a group grade because the success of each student is the responsibility of the group. Collective interdependence is emphasized in the chapter "Cooperative Learning and Group Ice Breakers" from a teacher's guide First Week of School Activities and is available online.

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