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Lumberjacks of the 19th Century: The Toughest Men in History

Written By: Tony Leather  |  Posted: Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

You might remember the TV show 'Monty Python', with it's razor sharp satire and wit - they did a funny song called 'I'm A Lumberjack' in which they took the mickey with a vengeance, but the skit was based on the universally held belief that working as a lumberjack is a job only real men can do, and history supports that belief. Being a lumberjack was a truly gruelling profession, and when men were men, the manliest of them felled trees for a living.

Logging in America began in the early 1600s. Settlers landed in Jamestown in 1607, and lumber was essential for any number of things. As populations grew, more timber was required, and by the early 1830s, Bangor, Maine, was shipping more timber than anywhere else in the world.

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