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How We Can Take Care of our Parents at Home

Written By: Mary Ellen Row  |  Posted: Friday, February 9th, 2018

There was something about the elderly that made me afraid. They weren't always easy to communicate with and it was hard to come to terms with some of the things they struggled with. I'd been in nursing homes a number of times over the years and I never liked the atmosphere. In fact, being a CNA was something I always said I'd never do. Yet, last February I quit my job and took a month long Certified Nursing Assistant course. When I decided to be a CNA my decision had little to do with helping the elderly or the joys of being a caregiver. My motivation stemmed out of easing my own career path.

While it was nice and necessary to collect an income from the hours I spent serving the elderly, being a CNA quickly became more of a passion than a job. Some of the residents that I originally was disgusted by or afraid to work with became the people I loved the most. It was hard to take days off because these people became more than just someone else's grandparents or parents; they became my own friends. Every day that I punched in to help assist the residents with their daily routines I was the one receiving the benefits of being in a care facility. I discovered that it took time to establish trust and friendship with many of the folks. I learned how much I had underestimated caregivers who work very hard and often do repetitive, unpleasant jobs. I also gained an appreciation for all of the different departments that make a nursing home as comfortable and homey as possible for the residents.

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