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How the Elderly Can Save Our Country

Written By: Travis Buhler  |  Posted: Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

                It has been a disappointing last couple of weeks.  One bit of sad news comes from Lawrence Vance:

                "As a libertarian and a constitutionalist, Congressman [Ron] Paul recognizes that Social Security is an insolvent, unsustainable, unconstitutional welfare scheme. Although he wants younger workers to be given the opportunity to opt out of the system as we make a humanitarian transition away from the dependency of Social Security, when asked by [Sam] Stein [of the Huffington Post] if he was on Social Security, Paul acknowledged that he was and saw no inconsistency in receiving benefits."

                Vance's article continues to defend Paul's choice and the choice of many liberty-minded people to accept Social Security during their retiring years.

                As a young man, please accept my entreaty to those older people who take Social Security, Medicare, and any other government money.

                I have no doubt of your love for this country.  I know that your desire is for it to continue and prosper.  When I read or hear your articles, letters, speeches, and comments I am helped and encouraged to have the same love and to do what I can to keep our freedoms.

                But we all know that our Federal and State governments are going broke, and two of the largest expenditures are Social Security and Medicare.  As a result of these, our taxes are very high, sapping the strength and inspiration of America's youth.

                I know that many of you banked on these two programs and failed to prepare for a retirement without these funds.  For some of you, life would be very hard without government medical coverage and a monthly supplement.

                But many of you have been quite successful in life and can live without Social Security and Medicare.  It may be a little tougher.  No doubt your success in your earlier life merits an easier life.  But let me ask this, at whose expense?

                To be honest, I think these government programs are welfare.  There is no doubt that Medicare is welfare.  It is the taking of people's money and redistributing it to the healthcare needs of those who qualify.

                As far as Social Security, please be honest with yourself.  There is no fund with your name on it.  The funds have been spent or borrowed.  Courts have ruled that it is welfare.  It was considered insolvent in the early 1980's and the tax had to be increased.  In 2010, the money coming into the fund did not equal the money going out.  It is welfare and it is costing this country more than what it brings in.

                The result of these, as with any form of welfare, will be bankruptcy.  This will be very hard on our country - hard for your children and grandchildren.  And just like any welfare program, there is little incentive to eliminate or even to alter it because of the voting power of those who rely on it.

                And this is why I am begging you; please stop accepting Social Security and Medicare.  Many of you have spoken out against redistribution of wealth and welfare programs that hinder rather than help poverty in this country.  Many of you have acknowledged that the result of these will be the destruction of our country.  Please follow through with your beliefs and stop accepting these forms of welfare.

                As your children, we have an obligation to take care of you.  We conservatives know that we don't need gigantic government programs to do this.  It is children, grandchildren, neighbors, churches, and charities that will do the best at making sure you don't suffer in your old age.  But because this country relies on the wasteful methods of socialism to care for its elderly, the traditional roles of family, church, and benevolence are incapacitated. 

                Please don't be the reason behind our country's destruction.  We love you and want to take care of you.  You owe it to your posterity to leave this country solvent.  We have $15 trillion of Federal debt to pay off and many more trillions of dollars in obligations, most of that is for Medicare and Social Security payments.  We are overwhelmed; we can't even fathom that high of a figure.

                As a representative of today's youth, we promise that we will do all it takes to take care of your needs.  But please help us do it in such a way that spares the bankruptcy of our country.

                I mean this sincerely and thank you for reading this.

                Travis Buhler is the Editor of the US Journal and the Eau Claire Journal.  Email:

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