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Wisconsin Concealed Carry: Is a Sell-Out in the Works?

Posted: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Madison, Wis. --( A recent editorial appearing in the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (It's time to reconsider concealed carry law) ought to alarm gun owners. That's because it underscores a push to create tougher gun laws by using concealed carry as a carrot to lure in and dupe activists into complacency and surrender, say leaders of Wisconsin Gun Owners (WGO).

"We've been warning gun owners to prepare for a tough fight on concealed carry, and to expect marginal state republicans to cave in to pressure from anti-gun bureaucrats, " said Corey Graff, executive director of WGO. "If liberals suddenly claim to support concealed carry in exchange for tougher gun laws you can bet gun owners stand more to lose than we do to gain. You know something's amiss."

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