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Saving Money Is Still a Great Idea

Written By: Bill Finnigan  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

            The word "debt" is being constantly bantered about in every facet of the media. We seemed obsessed with the "national debt" and how the next president will solve it. Frankly, the whole debate is getting tiresome, especially when used as a political "football" by less than honorable leaders. When speaking of trillions of dollars owed, it's mind-boggling to the average citizen. Whatever the outcome, the debt issue is something to take personally. I thought the government was set the example for the county? How come they can live "beyond their means," while the rest of us need to control our finances?

            Evidently, big government has had a profound effect on individual bank accounts. Why wait 'til you have the cash, when you can get what you want now without the funds? It wasn't too long ago that credit cards were difficult to procure; now it's the "in thing," for multiplied millions, who have become financially "enslaved." The discipline of saving and buying cash for items has become obsolete for many; the present crisis is reason enough to return to economic "basics."

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