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Third Parties Must Start Local

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Friday, November 2nd, 2012

                It is abundantly clear that third parties running for President have no chance to win. Everyone knows that.  Yet third parties are a way for some to exercise their voting power while preserving their consciences in the matter.  You may agree or disagree with this route, but that matters not in light of what all those promoting a third party need to strongly consider.
                It is my observation and the observation of many others that they all go about it the wrong way.  They are starting, as we would say, top down instead of bottom up.  What they need to do is establish wins locally first, then county wide, then state wide, then on to the national elections.  The following is a quote from a reply to a third candidate debate held recently.  In it were, among others, the candidates for the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party and for the Green Party.  You, by the way, can watch this debate after the fact at
                 I think what this respondent said is well put and supports what third parties must do.

                "The problem with all 3rd party candidates is the lack of faith in their ability to win an election. The solution is simple but, as in most things simple, hard: a ground-up approach is the only way to build a viable 3rd party. Local politics first, then State and lastly National elections. Ross Perot taught conservatives to not waste their vote, Ralph Nader did the same in Florida in 2000 for liberals.

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