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Local Involvement Greatly Needed

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

                Once again with a national election looming on the horizon, more people than usual have turned their attention to political matters - especially national matters.  However, what cannot be accomplished from the national stage is the influential role of an informed citizen involved on the local level and active in the local community.  Yes, vote and influence those running for President and Congress as you see fit. But, and I say "but" with an emphasis, realize the best use of time in my opinion is local involvement.

                By local involvement I am not talking about running for office. That is fine and could be very good.  As stated before very clearly, I personally have yet to meet a person locally who is in leadership that thinks in terms of returning our city and county to the days of old that preserved limited government here in Eau Claire.  Let such a person come to the surface (and we will know if they do), and a host of people (no doubt many of our readers) will come to their side in assisting them. I know I would and many others I know personally would do likewise.   When asking our own sheriff how we could help, he replied he needed more people.  Our response was, if at any time he needed to deputize everyday people for purposes of getting back to where we need to be, call and we along with many others would be there.

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