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Some Quotes Concerning The Resurrection

Posted: Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

"The resurrection of Christ is the heart of Christianity, which makes it pulsate with the life of God; it is the keystone to the arch of truth, which holds all the faith of the Gospel together; it is the foundation of the church; it is the mainspring of Christian activity; it is the lever of power which shall move the world; and it is the link which unites all believers." ~ F.E. Marsh ("Five Hundred Bible Readings") Page 210

"Some people say we must hold on to the Easter faith but needn't bother about the Easter fact. But I ask you, what is your faith going to build on if there is no factual basis for its support? both the skeptic and the Christian have a right to know whether the resurrection happened or not." ~ Herbert B. Smith ("The Modern Man's Bible Problems") Pages 101-102

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