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Can a Wisconsin Student Be Expelled From All Schools?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Thursday, March 1st, 2012


            One of the fallacies of life is, shall we say, "barking up the wrong tree."  We "throw good money after bad" as we would say.  This happens all the time.  A classic example is our recent government bailouts. We are trying to fix the economy by borrowing more money to create more jobs.  The problem is that we are borrowing faster than we are making and saving money.  It won't work.  It never has and never will.  We go deeper and deeper into debt.  We are barking up the wrong tree.
            What is true nationally is true in homes.  A child is pouting and fighting their parents' authority, and what does the parent do?  They buy them something or let them have their way.  Why?  Because the loudness goes down by the child becoming compliant.  One example could be a parent allowing the child to have someone of the opposite sex in their life.  Soon that parent is surprised a year later they find out their daughter is pregnant?!  They are finally awakened to not addressing the real problem.  They were putting a "bandage" on a deeper issue.
            Come then to Wisconsin as a state and you can see more of this in a recent issue heating up for a court battle.  It is written in the Wisconsin Constitution (Article X, Sec 3) that all students are guaranteed a free education according to the Wisconsin State Journal.  Because of this, the Journal reports that a lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Dane County Circuit Court against the Oregon School District, "which denied enrollment to a middle school student after the Janesville School District expelled him in November... Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick, an attorney with Disability Rights Wisconsin said his organization disapproves of the expulsion law, which has been on the books since 1997. The state constitution guarantees a free education to all students between the ages of 4 and 20."
            So now a court battle.  But they are all barking up the wrong tree.  The real problem started when the Wisconsin State Constitution was written.   For whatever reasons, it took the position that the State should guarantee a free (notice that word is not used anymore) education for children.  This was a wrong position to say the least.  It was a disastrous position.  Without going into all the detail, understand that this is the problem.  Do you realize that they not only guaranteed this "free" education, they also took away the right of the parent to determine it?  This was a fatal error, having no basis in history, experience, nor what is fundamentally right.  The result is coming home to haunt us in America.  It has left us as parents depending on and subject to state educators, who have usurped the role of parenting and promoting their philosophy of life. That philosophy is a large part of the reason our homes are breaking down.  Look no further than sex education to see how corrupt is has become.  Add to it an eschewed view of history and origins that demeans and dismisses the godly heritage America has.  All this adds up to children left with without moorings regarding where they came from, why they are here and where they are going.
            An educated citizenry is a wonderful thing, but to attempt to accomplish this at the expense of parental authority and the addition of statutory abuse is an evil in itself.  The sooner this is seen and dismantled, the better.  And don't worry, we won't become a nation of "hicks."  How come we won't?  Because parents will see to it we don't.

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