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Gyros, Greek Salad, Good Times…OPA!

Written By: Dori M Pulse  |  Posted: Monday, May 14th, 2018

It all began with Sozoula in Patmos, Greece. My travel friend Retha and I had another beautiful adventure overseas in 2017, this time to Greece. We stayed in Athens for three days, visited the Greek Parliament and watched the changing of the guards, viewed the Parthenon from below, and walked through the Acropolis Museum. We then took a four day cruise to three different islands, and a separate trip to the island of Patmos, Greece, where John the Baptist wrote the Book of Revelation in a cave.

In Patmos, we stayed at a lovely place called the Captain's Hotel, hosted by a couple and served  by Sozoula. She had broken English, but we were able to communicate well enough. Toward the end of our stay, we became more friendly and she shared that she had been married and had one son. This came after I told her about my step family ministry.

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