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A Tribute to Dr. Henry M. Morris

Posted: Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

On February 25, 2006 the Christian world lost a true scholar, gentleman, and humble servant. On that day, Dr. Henry M. Morris passed into the presence of the Lord at the age of 86. Perhaps you have heard of him because in 1961 he and Dr. John Whitcomb published the landmark volume, The Genesis Flood. This 550 page book started what became known as the creation movement which continues and thrives to this day. Henry Morris "was born at the end of World War I into an impoverished and broken home, " stated a tribute to him following his passing. As an infant he was dedicated to the Lord by Dr. R.A. Torrey who has been quoted in this newspaper numerous times.

Henry Morris attended Rice University on a full scholarship studying engineering under the influence of evolutionist scholar Julian Huxley. Here as an evolutionist himself, he began to wrestle with the authority of Scripture and the contradictions between what the Bible said and what he was being taught. He determined to get his Ph.D. in geology so that he could study the feasibility of the Genesis record, especially Noah's flood. During the next seventeen years Henry Morris was on the faculty of several schools including the University of Minnesota. While there, he completed his M.S. and finished his doctoral thesis in 1950 on the subject "The Effect of Rapid Movement of Water Over Rough Places, " a branch of hydraulics, which is a sub-branch of geology. The evidence showed that the earth's present appearance of age can be explained through the effects of the flood.

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