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Is Raw Milk from the Hartmann Farm the Source of the Minnesota E.COLI Outbreak?

Written By: Jerry Hanson  |  Posted: Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

"Let me be clear!" The 103 test samples taken from the Mike Hartmann farm in Gibbon Minnesota by the Minnesota Department of Health revealed that not a single test of raw milk was found to contain any strain of e.coli. So how is it that the Star Tribune in a May 27 article reported, "A Minnesota toddler has been hospitalized with a life-threatening illness and three other people have been sickened by E. coli-tainted raw milk...."? Again, none of the 103 samples revealed any e.coli in any of the raw milk products! The State Petition makes no claim that any sample from a dairy cow or the dairy barn contained any e.coli. Such reporting by the Star Tribune is irresponsible, or did state investigators mislead the reporter?

I visited the Hartmann farm several times a few years ago. I purchased and consumed several raw milk products from them and would be a regular customer if they were a little closer. (The Hartman farm is over 190 miles from my home in Wisconsin. I wonder if I could have been arrested for transporting a contraband substance [raw milk] across state lines?) Mike and Diane are gracious and kind, and not really so anti-government as they have been portrayed. They only do what every good American should do - they question and challenge government intrusion into their private affairs. We need more farmers like the Hartmanns who will stand up for their God-given and unalienable right to raise and sell the lawful product of their labor. Where are the farmers who will stand with them? You farmers in Minnesota especially, back the Hartmanns up! You know first hand that raw milk is safe to consume. Most of you have lived your whole life drinking raw milk, and you have never gotten sick from it. These people probably got sick from a contaminated dish-rag or a sponge. Did the state investigators "embargo" sponges and dish rags, like they did the Hartman's dairy products, until they could determine the source of the e.coli? Of course not! They would have had to fight a big corporation with lots of attorneys and money. So whom do they pick on instead? You've got it - the independent family farmer struggling to make ends meet.

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