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Incensed and Outraged Over World Reaction to Israel

Written By: Tim Lehmann  |  Posted: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

I am even somewhat puzzled at the reaction from other nations over Israel's stance and actions regarding the supposed "relief" ships that attempted to enter Israeli waters near Gaza. I am not at all surprised at the media's reaction, however.
For days now, Israel has been warning the organizers of this flotilla that they would not be allowed to dock in Gaza. They were offered the opportunity to dock in Israel, clear their "relief" supplies through Israeli security, and Israel would then transport the supplies to Gaza. The flotilla organizers would have nothing to do with that common sense solution. They plainly said that they would ignore Israel's warning.
Israel is at war. Almost daily they endure rocket and missile attack, mostly from Gaza. It makes perfect sense for them to be wary of this "relief" effort. No nation would allow self-proclaimed enemies to bring ships full of who knows what into enemy territory. Israel, true to their nature, warned the organizers ahead of time, just like they warned the terrorists in Gaza before they attacked during Cast Lead. Warnings were once again ignored.
Europe and the United States are "upset". Using words like "unacceptable" and "human right violations, " nations around the world are demanding explanations and investigations. Even the US, Israel's so-called ally, expects that Israel will "conduct a full and credible investigation." Strong language when being used nation to nation. Wars have been started over milder words.
It is time for the world to wake up to reality. Israel is a sovereign nation. Jerusalem is an Israeli city. The PA is not even a nation, simply a group of terrorists who would like to "wipe Israel off the face of the earth."
I understand the bitterness that could result from a nation regaining its homeland after enemies have held it for a long time. But the Palestinian's will simply have to accept that Jews have been in Israel and Jerusalem long before Arabs and Muslims ever even existed. Of course that will never happen, so there will be war. What should happen, is that the rest of the world should realize that Israel is fighting to survive and provide a minimum of safety for her citizens.
As an American, I call on Washington to take the first step and call this situation honestly. Israel gave ample notice to a group of thugs. The thugs ignored the warning and are now paying the price of their foolishness. It is time for President Obama and Secretary Clinton to stand up and act like Americans.
Tim Lehmann became a Christian as a teenager. He is an ordained minister and has been telling people about the gospel for over 40 years. He lives with his family in California where he teaches the Bible and writes for web sites.

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