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The Growing Popularity of Alternative Birthing Options

Written By: By Mary Ellen Row  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

For the past nine months I've been experiencing the most incredible miracle growing inside of me: A new and beautiful human life! It's pretty exciting and daunting to go through pregnancy for the first time. There's so much parents need to do to prepare and get ready for their little one. I started out seeing midwives at a hospital in Eau Claire. I'd met a number of gals who were giving birth at home though and the idea grew increasingly appealing to me. Just after 28 weeks of pregnancy I switched to seeing a midwife who could deliver my child in the comfort of my own home.

I wasn't always fond of alternative birthing trends. I used to think a home birth was dangerous and crazy. I thought that at the very least a mother should have her first child in a hospital in case of complications. As I met more mothers who'd given birth in their home and learned about the advantages to out-of-hospital births I was eventually convinced that this was not only a real option, it could be a better one for mother and baby.

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