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Alfred the Great Saved England

Written By: By Scott McPherson  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

During the violent centuries of the Anglo-Saxon invasion and transformation of England (400-600AD), the invaders brought their customs, political institutions, property, and way of life across the North Sea, replacing four centuries of Romano-British culture and rule with farms and villages modeled on those of Old Germany. A Heptarchy of kingdoms would rule England, their fortunes rising and falling until, in 827, one ruler, Egbert of Wessex, became dominant over them all.

Already, a great new political and social upheaval had begun. First appearing in the late 780s, Viking invaders from present day Scandinavia and Denmark - the dreaded Danes - were becoming bolder and more frequent in their predations. Arriving by boat, they plundered and destroyed, fleeing as quickly as they came. They were defeated in two large battles by Egbert, in 833 and 835. But his posterity would face large armies of the Danes; almost all of England would fall under their control. Against this threat stood the ancient fyrd, a militia comprised of all fighting age males.

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