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Letter to the Editor - Richard White the Wrong Choice for Judge

Written By: Clifton R. Vollendorf  |  Posted: Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

                 Eau Claire District Attorney Richard White should never be a judge because he is nothing but a dishonest political opportunist. Richard White has downplayed or covered up for pedophile police officers' and other police officers' wrong doing, especially when he let an officer get a slap on the wrist when the officer fired his gun at his wife in his house. Richard White refused to prosecute Carol Olson and Bill Klaus when they forged documents in order for Bill Klaus to get retirement benefits early.

                  Richard White is an elitist who defends and covers for his political friends at our expense. The worst thing about Richard White was his vicious prosecution of Evan Zimmerman for murder. The evidence of innocence was so overwhelming but due to lies and manipulation of the evidence he was able to score a conviction. Sometime later some law students were able to get Evan Zimmerman a retrial and that time the A&E television network came to town and at the second trial with the national media looking over his shoulder Richard White was forced to drop the murder case because of the lack of evidence. Had it not been for the A&E television network an innocent man would have died in prison but to this day Richard White still insists Evan Zimmerman was guilty and refuses to ever look into other leads. A&E released a DVD called "The Retrial of Evan Zimmerman" and they made Richard White look like a total fool. The Zimmerman case makes Richard White look just as bad as Michael Nifong who was the DA that viciously attacked the Duke Lacrosse players even though there was no evidence and he was later disbarred but for some reason local political leaders and some media never really go after Richard White no matter what he does.

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