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Unemployment & Disability Checks - Is This Christian?

Written By: Dan Stanley  |  Posted: Friday, October 30th, 2015

In general, the answer to this question is no.  Are there people who are unable to work?  Yes, but very, very few (I am not counting the aged who have lost their strength and natural abilities).  Is it true that those who are getting checks are unable to work? In general, no.  Are there people who are out of work?  Yes.  Is this because there are no jobs? Yes and no.  Yes, their job may be gone, and no one will hire them.  But there are jobs to be had if a person is willing to work for less and do something different. And  for anyone who still can't find work, they can make work. It is not that hard. So, the truth is, those who are receiving disability and unemployment checks, in general, are able to get work and are, therefore, are either abusing the system or mislead in the right way to respond to losing their jobs.  You must understand that. They are very able to function socially, including partying, fishing, and running all over town, or watching T. V. endlessly. So, the idea that they cannot work is simply false. I realize we are forced to pay into an unemployment fund (as workers) as well as support one if we are a business, therefore, in getting unemployment a person can conclude they are simply getting back money they paid into the system.  That is true in part.  The state also pays into this system.  But none of that changes or answers  the question of whether the system is Christian or not along with whether it is right or not.  

Having said the above, the question is the issue of Christianity. Does our present system of giving out checks for unemployment and disability spring from Christian thinking? Is is out of Christian compassion?  No, it does not come from Christian thinking. The idea of supporting people with money the way we do in America is the opposite of Christian thinking. The Bible teaches if a man does not work, he ought not to eat. To give money to people who ought to be working is to support laziness and irresponsibility. It is to harm that person.  It demeans a man or woman.  God made us to work six days a week (not five). Few things bring more satisfaction to a man or woman than to work hard and to receive the benefits from their own work at the end of the day.  Remember, then, when you meet people getting disability checks and unemployment checks that this practice does not spring from Christian thinking.  Is it though out of compassion?  No doubt some involved in this mislead system do have compassion, but it is at best mislead compassion.  It is compassion without a mind.  It is trying to help someone the wrong way.   Compassion itself does not qualify us to take any sort of actions to bring relief.  Otherwise I would not be able to feed my family if I showed compassion on all those who wanted help.

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