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How to Read the News: A Guide for Truth-Seekers

Written By: Alicia Colon  |  Posted: Sunday, August 5th, 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: WE would like to add our recommended websites for those interested:,,, and If any of our readers finds other sites they would recommend, please send them 
to us, and we will give them ourconsideration in light of our purposes.

Because my home page is the website, I am able to access news sources from around the world. Although most of the subscribers to the site lean conservative, there is a healthy balance in the comments posted in response to the articles. Since President Trump's election, it has become quite predictable to glean whether an article will be positive or negative simply by learning the news source. No matter what the actual news does report, certain sources will spin it with extreme bias. Here's what I've learned about getting the real facts on current events.

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