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Life On the Family Farm Under an Open Heaven: Kangkleberry Pie

Written By: Tom Heck  |  Posted: Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

                Many years ago, shortly after we moved to our own farm here, we would go down to our big woods with our small children.  Usually it would be a Sunday afternoon in the middle of the summer.  We would go there to pick wild berries to put into a pie.  There weren't many down there, but we could always find enough red raspberries, blackcaps and blackberries for a super-delicious pie.

                The sweetest berries in the world are the wild ones.  They are not the biggest ones, but they are most certainly the best ones.  Maybe that's why they are the hardest ones to get too.  Sometimes the things that are the hardest in life turn out to be the most rewarding.  We really had to work to get them.  All the brush, canes and thorns made it very difficult to get these highly prized berries.  We would each take an empty ice cream pail and go after them though. 

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