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The Relevance of Ron Paul

Written By: Susan Westfall  |  Posted: Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

            On the heels of the Ames Straw Poll results, we find the media doing almost exactly that which Neil Cavuto proposed as a hypothetical situation during his interview with Dr. Paul from the Straw Poll grounds. Namely - what if you do well, and no one reports it? As expected by everyone with even a partial brain, Ron Paul did fantastically well in the Straw Poll. His message of individual liberty, sound money and free trade with all - minus the financial and military entanglements that have helped bring us to the brink of ruin - is resounding so strongly with people everywhere that the two candidates best thought by many to represent the popular freedom message, were able to capture over 9000 votes between them. That they did so in the very heartland of America is an implacable declaration of what people are looking for in their next president. Granted, Ms. Bachman can't really pass muster as a liberty candidate in most of her actions and votes, but she initially sounds good trying and the media were ecstatic, touting her first place victory from the highest media mountaintops. Ron Paul finished by capturing such a close second place win that 153 more votes would have put him in the lead. Even crickets would have been astounded at the total silence that accompanied Dr. Paul's achievement. None of the grassroots were too surprised, however. We've been watching the media play the same disgusting marginalization games since 2007. We predicted it would happen too, but didn't waste breath on the idea that it might be "hypothetical". Regardless, I salute Mr. Cavuto for actually pointing out the possibility that not only might the emperor be waltzing about buck-naked on the morrow, but he'd likely be stinking drunk as well. It's about time. The media has been complicit in the slow erosion of liberty and the disintegration of our Republic for far, far too long.

          Let's begin with a Youtube video that made the rounds at a brisk pace last Sunday titled "Being Ron Paul: The Media Fix is In." It pretty much says it all and covers a variety of MSM contributions about the Straw Poll results. The ire and disgust at the pathetic and blatantly obvious removal or marginalization of Ron Paul's close finish with Michelle Bachman is evident in the poster's voice. That same sentiment was massively evidenced in the comments and responses to MSM articles and personal blog posts across the Internet world. The manner in which Matt Strawn reported the Straw Poll results live on CNN clearly announced the coming marginalization storm. Can anyone recall or point out another time in the recent history of Ames Straw Polls (or at any time in its history) when only the first place winner's name was announced, followed immediately by the announcer exiting stage right briskly and wordlessly? "Stunned" probably does not even begin to describe the reactions of millions of viewers to that event. Even the panel of commentators was thrown off stride. Their reactions called to my mind a panel scene from the 2008 elections, when CNN was reporting the South Carolina primary. I remember quite clearly Anderson Cooper's glazed look, when the reported numbers suddenly seemed to take a dramatically different track from where they had been previously going, magnified and reflected by the robotic expressions and stammered comments of the panel.

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