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Only the Bible Predicts the Future Accurately

Written By: Anonymous  |  Posted: Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

            "Many have made an effort to foretell the future - yet not one, outside the Bible, has ever succeeded.  The extreme difficulty of framing a prophecy which shall prove accurate, may be seen in that familiar (then) but crude rhyme known as 'Mother Shipton's Prophecy.'  Some years ago it appeared as a pretended relic of a remote day, and claimed to have predicted the invention of the steam locomotive, the rise of D'Israeli in English politics as well as many other things...  For years I tried to unearth and expose what seemed to me a huge imposture, and I succeeded... I traced the whole thing to one Charles Hindley (of England) who acknowledge himself the author of this prophetic hoax, which was written in 1862 instead of 1448, and palmed off on a credulous public.  It is one of the startling proofs of human perversity that the very people who will try to cast suspicion on prophecies two thousand years old, will without straining, swallow a forgery that was first published AFTER the events it predicted, and will not even look into its claim to antiquity."  Dr. A.T. Pierson, pp. 44,45, in Many Infallible Proofs.  This quote was taken from Messiah in both Testaments by Fred John Meldau (1956).  I myself recall Jean Dixon's claims to have  an ability to predict the future.  Her most famous  prediction of Lee Harvey Oswald, the claimed murder of John F. Kennedy.  She supposedly came up with the first three letters of Oswald's last name.  Yet read her writings and notice how "prophecy" after "prophecy" is riddled with failure and error.  Even her claim on Kennedy's murder didn't pass muster.  So it remains that the only one ever to predict the future in a specific way that leaves no room for change, is the Bible.  And no person's arrival was ever predicted  so clearly or even predicted, than Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.


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