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Cooking Corner - Raspberry Creamcheese Dessert

Posted: Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Cooking has been something that Linda Larson has loved to do as long as she can remember. She grew up living on a farm where the kitchen was a fun and warm place where family congregated and many food memories were made. Her grandparents lived with them and she vividly remembers rolling out piecrusts with her brother under the supervision of her patient grandmother. Much of the food that ended up on their table came directly from the farm and garden, something that Linda says was really out of necessity. Everyone had a part in the hard work involved; weeks prior to the threshing she recalls sitting with her mother to plan out the meals they would prepare for the crew of men who would come to work. That was the only time of year she and her brother were treated to Kool-Aid. Several of Linda's fond cooking memories, especially the learning memories, are linked with her brother (who still likes to cook-he even has an annual pasta making party that Linda sometimes attends). She mentioned a time when she and her brother decided to try making monster cookies without an adult's assistance. When the first batch came out of the oven looking "flat and weird" they turned to their mother who salvaged the rest by adding the forgotten flour.

Linda eventually married, and today you can find her and her husband Bob enjoying gardening in the summer months. Bob especially has a love for gardening and it sure pays off-they grow much of their own food, eating homecanned vegetables all throughout the year, as well as eating the venison her husband and sons bring in. Linda has a great love for local recipes, cookbooks, and ingredients. Some of her favorite cookbooks are those produced by women who live in the communities surrounding her, church or fundraiser type cookbooks. She has around fifteen of them herself and loves seeing a friend's name next to the title as she prepares their dish in her kitchen. Another way she supports local endeavors is through her job at Alliance Bank which allows her to purchase beef raised by kids as projects for the 4-H club or the FFA (Future Farmers of America).

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