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Does Gambling Really Boost the Economy?

Written By: Bojidar Marinov  |  Posted: Monday, March 5th, 2012

             I am a firm supporter of economic liberty. If a company wants to open a gambling facility, I am all for that. I can agree that the local authorities - on a County level, of course - can regulate where the gambling facilities are, given the fact that they can have detrimental effect on teenagers. That's as much regulation on gambling as I think is affordable. The rest should be taken up by the parents, and by the self-discipline of the individuals. The market should be free of government interference. After all, even if the government bans all gambling, people are still going to gamble. Under Communism in Eastern Europe, all gambling was banned. And we still played poker and all kinds of other games. Government regulations don't work there.

            But I also think that myths and false claims about gambling must be exposed. It is one thing to argue for economic liberty. It is completely another to make false claims concerning the supposed benefits of gambling for the economy.

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